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Step away from the microwave and nobody gets hurt, or, Pretzel Logic

Wake up, y'all. Big Daddy wants a bomb for Christmas.

Just nuke it
Walter Pincus of The Washington Post reported today that the Pentagon is seeking approval for a new strategy in which nuclear weapons could be used preemptively against terrorists or rogue states planning a WMD attack against the United States.

The plan is under review and has yet to receive final approval from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. If approved, it would allow military commanders to ask the president for permission to use nuclear weapons in certain non-relatiatory circumstances.

Given the president's response to Hurricane Katrina, which considered alongside the war in Iraq creates a picture of executive incompetence, does the idea of President Bush being able to fire nuclear weapons at nations that haven't attacked us strike anyone as just a little crazy?

-- Aaron Kinney

Linky here:

And the Washington Post:
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