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I'm offensive and dyslexic. Don't read if you're feeling delicate. Not like I give a fuck.

I'm sleep-deprived and that brings out my more bad-tempered sociopathic tendencies. It also plays hell with my spelling, but due to the bad-tempered part, no one is going to give me any damn shit over it. Are they? You haven't been warned, I'm just leading you on so I can yell at your ass.

THISis why I think those of you who don't want your kids being taught that gay people are not the devil's nutsack can lick my white ass. Yeah, I know, you're mad. Fuck off. Get over your damn selves. Nobody is asking you to play tonsil hockey with anyone, you can piss and wail and tear your clothes in the comfort of your home, as long as you keep it there, along with all the other wacked-out shit you may do like THIS or the crap where women can't wear pants, or have a job. Y'all do realize a gingham burka is still a burka, right? Hate the sin, love the sinner. Oh, yeah, and treat the "sinner" like less than a human and torch their home.

And don't give me that "oh, I would never resort to violence" crap. If you don't stand up against it, you are helping. Just like every person who looked the other way during a lynching or any other disgusting thing we primates cook up because we're a nasty, hairy bunch all around. That means the stupid comments, the homophobic crap in the church, analyzing cartoon characters, keeping "lists" of gay celebrities, and agreeing with Falwell on anything except the importance of oxygen. You are feeding the beast of hatred. You are not my friend. And don't give me that crap about how I'm not tolerant or open-minded, because, ooh, I will burst into girlish tears, y'all. Do you really think I give a flying fuck what OJ thinks of my temper? Or what Dr. Mengele Frist thinks of how I care for my pets? Take the red pill, asshead. Just don't open your mouth about any of your hate shit in my presence, because I will tear you a new orifice with which you may do something suitably Old Testament if you like. Y'all make me want to be a fucking Scientologist.

And while I'm good and cranky, shut the fuck up in general. About everything. But especially about this "ooh, you're so unpatriotic" crap because some of us think wrong should be punished. You know what I'm talking about. Torture photos. Listen, dipshit, not all of us think this hunk of earth stands for covering up for murderers and rapists. Drag their shit out into the light of day and expose them. Punish them. Do you really think people whose family members and friends disappeared into our prison camps don't already know about this crap? Wake the fuck up. The only people who don't know the score are the ones who are paying for it with their tax dollars. You want me to scrape some cat litter over the shit and pretend it doesn't stink? Look, if I wanted to cover up for a bunch of child rapers, I'd be the fucking Pope. Pull your head out of your ass and get used to the daylight. Feel the love.

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