ladyxoc (ladyxoc) wrote,

Happy July 4th. Yellowcake and ice cream!

Apparently I am supposed to hate America and everything it stands for.

This is like saying I hate marriage and fatherhood because I think OJ is a shit. I hate evil dancing around dressed up in a flag, MY flag, motherfucker, and I always will. I hate elections stolen through fraud. I hate what Dubya stands for, what Karl Rove stands for, what Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo and faux WMD stand for. I hate sending soldiers to a phony war without proper equipment unless their families can scrape together the cash to BUY IT FOR THEM (support our troops!).

My ancestors helped begin this nation by challenging the established authority of some distant king who racked up massive war debt.

Doesn't it seem appropriate to continue the tradition this July 4th?

Dethrone King George, baby! And Happy Fourth of July!

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