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Elephant? What elephant? Or, Newsweek versus the Downing Street Memo

Y'all keep on screaming about Jane Fonda and Newsweek and the scary Mexican people who sneak into this country to scrub toilets and wade through hip-deep chemical waste and pig urine for crap wages and no health care. If you pull that tin-foil hat down just a little further over your ears, you might manage to miss the upstanding, moral, and Christian (TM) white guys stealing your civil rights and waging phony wars in your name, while you polish your Archie Bunker imitations.

"Crazed, pro-war lickspittles" seems like an accurate description right now.

"Wrong and right
Newsweek clearly erred in its sourcing, but the White House is committing a far greater sin in ignoring the overwhelming evidence of U.S. abuse of Muslim detainees.
...In short, Newsweek must do everything that the Bush administration has refused to do about its torture policy. It is Newsweek that is at fault for the utter absence of U.S. prestige and credibility; it is Newsweek's editors that must engage in rituals of accountability at the behest of an administration that disdains accountability for itself; it is Newsweek that must demonstrate transparency about its internal procedures; it is Newsweek that must use its resources to explain to a wary world that the Bush administration has clean hands."

"When Newsweek's source admitted that he had misidentified the government document in which he had seen an account of Quran desecration at Guantánamo prison, Pentagon spokesman Lawrence Di Rita exploded, "People are dead because of what this son of a bitch said. How could he be credible now?"

Di Rita could have said the same things about his bosses in the Bush administration.

Tens of thousands of people are dead in Iraq, including more than 1,600 U.S. soldiers and Marines, because of false allegations made by President George W. Bush and Di Rita's more immediate boss, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, about Saddam Hussein's nonexistent weapons of mass destruction and equally imaginary active nuclear weapons program. Bush, Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice repeatedly made unfounded allegations that led to the continuing disaster in Iraq, much of which is now an economic and military no man's land beset by bombings, assassinations, kidnappings and political gridlock.

And we now know, thanks to a leaked British memo concerning the head of British intelligence, that the Bush administration -- contrary to its explicit denials -- had already made up its mind to attack Iraq and "fixed" those bogus allegations to support its decision. In short, Bush and his top officials lied about Iraq."

(The White House response? "Nuh-UH! DID NOT!"

And more on the infamous memo:,1051000

Would you like to download your own pdf copy?

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