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It figures this would happen in FLORIDA

I don't want to hear anymore fucking whining about the "liberal intellectual elite." Got it? It's not my fault you're fucking stupid and you don't want to read a book.

Sure, go ahead and sue your professor because he tells you your ideas are stupid. Hell, maybe your ideas ARE stupid. Intelligent design, for example. Stupid. Deal with it. Go cry on Richard Dawkins's doormat and get over your damn self. Holocaust. Happened. You got a problem with it, move to fucking Montana and live in a hut. Or call Mel Gibson's daddy and tell him you want a job as his driver.

And what is with the lawsuits, anyhow? I thought lawyers were all like the spawn of Satan and shit with you lot of neandercons. Oh, wait, that's lawyers who sue for NEGLIGENCE or SHODDY PRODUCT FAILURE, CAUSING DEATH OR INJURY. Not suing over something important like being really, really, really mad! So mad you just have to hold your breath! And stamp your foot! OOOOOH!

Never mind actually having your ideas challenged and getting a goddamned education. After all, you voted for a draft-dodging slacker fuckoff who pissed his way through school and never made an honest profit in his life. That edumucation shit is just for liberal intellectual elitists.

Like I said, it's not my fault you're fucking stupid.

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