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Those Dirty Civil Liberties. You try soaking them out. You try scrubbing them out...

Dear Idiots, Including But Not Limited to Dr. Wildmon of the American Facist Family Fucking Association:

The goal of the ACLU is to protect the civil liberties of all citizens. This includes jackasses like the Klan, and you. It's not about whether or not any sensible person likes the object of their efforts, because it is not a)a popularity contest or b)your damn birthday party. It is about civil rights, which everyone, even unibrow, jerkoff, knuckle-dragging assholes are entitled to, as long as they obey the law.

Though I feel the world would be a happier, prettier, better-smelling place if we did not have to have the rancid fumes of your belching stupidity permeating what is left of our breathable atmosphere, there is still some part of me that celebrates your right to substitute synchronized farting in place of human speech. Because, even though at my deepest level I feel people like you are a disgrace to the gene pool, I would prefer to see you skewered on the samurai sword of wit and logic than brought low at the point of a gun. I realize you do not share this point of view; and, frankly, my farting friends, it's your fucking loss.

Here is a quote from Our Mutual Friend, Dr. Wildmon:

We should remember the way the ACLU works to get their agenda into law. They have never taken a single issue to the public and worked through the democratic system of voting. Rather, they find a sympathetic liberal activist judge to make law from the bench.

Now get this straight. Listen carefully. There will be a test on this later.

Judges do not legislate from the bench. They interpret. existing. law. Got that? The law fucking exists alfucking ready, my knuckle-dragging darlings. They work long hours to study to pass their bar exams and listen to many stupid lawyer jokes in other kinds of bars. And, usually, unless they are fortunate enough to be Chimpy's personal legal leg-humping groupie, put in many years of work at their chosen profession of law before they even become a judge.

Taking a vote on whether or not to enforce EXISTING LAW is not a democratic system of voting, it is asking the lynch mob if they have rope and is everybody ready. If we protect one person, however objectionable, from the rope, we also can protect YOU, my passionately farting precious.

Now, here is your study guide for this week:

The Process of Making a Law in the US

Schoolhouse Rock - "I'm Just a Bill"

Now how about redirecting some of that good Godly energy onto being a better person your own damn self and helping those less fortunate than you? I realize it does not have the instant gratification factor of yelling, "UH UH YEAH YOU TELLEM" over and over, but last time I checked, it was mentioned a time or two in your User Manual.

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